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    Deleting Activities

      Is there a way to remove an activity from use even if in an old project template where projects have already been created? For example, I have a number of activities that are old and I don't want used by NPD users. However, these have been used in some old project templates. If I delete the activity, it does not prevent users in the project created on a old project template that contains the old (now deleted) activity from using that activity again in their project. Is there a way to stop this for projects already in progress? Agile 5.2.
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          You may need to write an enhancement request. Basically when we "delete" the activity template we hide it from being searchable and added to future projects or project templates.

          Therefore I believe the process should be modeled as follows:
          1) Identify the activity template that needs to be removed.
          2) Remove the activity template from the project templates.
          3) On projects "refresh template". Found on the bottom of the signature/approval tab. This will refresh stage that have not been invoked. I.e. If the project is in stage 2 and a user clicks "refresh template" stage 3, 4, and 5 are updated.
          4) For projects with the activity in the current stage if there are no activity instances created then you can remove the activity template.
          5) For projects with the activity in the current stage and there are activity instances in place your only options are similar to the following:
          - Rename the template, "DO NOT USE - {TEMPLATE NAME}" or
          - Communicate to project managers to not use the activity template. If instances are accidently started then project managers can choose to remove the activity instance.