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    WebServices: BAM-06011: invalid key specification

      I am new to BAM

      I did the following steps:

      1. I created Data object using BAM architect view
      2. Created report using BAM active studio view
      3. Set up the following in weblogic console
      Home >Summary of Deployments >OracleBamAdapter ->oracle.bam.adapter.adc.soap.SOAPConnectionFactory
      4. Created BAM activity sensor for the existing composite
      5. Created BAM sensor action by created BAM connection.
      6. Deployed and ran the test
      7. Seeing the following error iin the logs:
      WebServices: BAM-06011: invalid key specification; [Ljava.lang.String;@1bbb270 found

      Unable to obtain resource from class oracle.bam.common.resources.Exceptions using key RowOperation[ Type[UPSERT5:UPSERT] Keys[_SourceSystem,_TargetSystem,_ServiceName,_OperationName,_Context,_InstanceID,_TransactionID,_TransactionNumber] Update Columns[null] Column Values[<_SourceSystem='TEST'>,<_TargetSystem=Siebel>,<_ServiceName='ORDER'>,<_OperationName='GetOrder'>,<_Context=GetOrderComposite>,<_InstanceID='Instanceid123'>,<_TransactionID='TransactionId123'>,<_TransactionNumber='TransactionNumber123'>] ].

      Can anybody help how to proceed. I have supplied all the values that are in the Data object. Not sure why I am seeing null pointer and "Update Columns[null] "....

      Your help is greately appreciated.