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    Is there a magic combination?

      We are attempting to Install Oracle Ops Center 12c on an Oracle M4000 (Solaris 11) managing six Oracle T4-4s and are having a terrible time of it. We have tried numerous combinations of Ops Center updates, LDOM manager versions, and even Solaris 11 and 11.1 with little success. We have had Oracle support involved since day one (it is now four weeks later and several SRs sitting at Sev 1) and we still have had nothing but one bug after another hitting us.

      Now for my question: has anyone been able to get an environment similar to ours up and running smoothly and bug free? If so, what combination of software and OS releases did you use?
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          i have installed from scratch 4 times. ready to embark on a 5th install. we need to patch over 600 servers every quarter. short staffed so we must use a tool... ops center when it works it works great. but any change, upgrade, backup, whatever.... causes the product to go sideways...some lessons that i have learned. ....

          1. stay with solaris on intel hardware for the EC and PCs (not sparc or in a vm) (i am using m9000 domain for EC and performance is horrible) (docs say sol 11 is better but we are not deploying sol 11 yet)
          2. use firefox as your browser (could be my IE lockdowns at my site)
          3. /var on EC > 400 gig
          4. /var on agent servers ~ 10 gig
          5. red hat linux not quite the same as oracle redhat
          6. does not like complicated networks, geographical separation, various subnets, or dmzs
          7. oracle support staff is treading water with this product.
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            Did you get anywhere with this? We are in the throes of a similar deployment: EC/PC on a T4-1 (12cU2) running Solaris 11.1. We are working to deploy Solaris 11.1 control domains (seems to work), guest ldoms (11.1 gdoms yes, 10 gdoms no -- issues accessing the image), and zones (11.1 not successful due to bugs, and 10 not successful because it couldn't access the flar image). The successful 11.1 gdoms won't successfully migrated from one server in the pool to the other.

            We are working with ACS and they are good folks but the product seems to be frustrating. We worked with 11g and never got it to the point where it was a useful tool, and were hopeful with 12c, but it feels like deja vu all over again.

            The ACS guys encouraged us to use OVM/SPARC 3.0. I hope that's not the issue. In addition we are struggling to get IPMP to function at all in an 11.1 guest Ldom, either by hand or via Ops Center.