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    Join Issue...


      I am new To OBIA.We Are using OBIA rpd.how to find out join between tables.

      we have to join W_INT_ORG_D AND W_ACTIVTY_F AND w_SRVREQ_F let me know what the join condition between to tables.i created based on ROW_WID it is not working.

      I want develop report like this

      Country_name ORG_NAME Activity SRs
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          Follow as:

          Select the required table able using CTRL and mouse left click then mouse right click->Physical Diagram->Selected Object(s) Only

          Once you get the physical diagram on click on available arrow or mapping you can find the joins.

          Also using Admin tool->Manage->Joins you can view or create

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            Ahsan Shah
            Service Request Fact.PR_OWNER_ORG_WID --> ROW_WID of W_INT_ORG_D
            Activity Fact. OWNER_ORG_WID --> ROW_WID of W_INT_ORG_D

            However, the report you want doesnt make much sense. Why would you want to combine the Activity and SR facts into one report..what business value does this provide?

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