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    Import Data (Aggregate Storage) -Load data parallel

      I am using the following maxl:

      import database 'app'.'db' data connect as 'xxx' identified by 'xxxac' using multiple rules_file 'L_Lo_1','L_Lo_2','L_Lo_3','L_Lo_All' to
      load_buffer_block starting with buffer_id 100 on error to 'C:\dataload.err';

      I am getting the following error/warning:

      Execution Message: 'L_Lo_1','L_Lo_2','L_Lo_3','L_Lo_All' doesn't exist.

      Does anyone know how I can fix this? I would appreciate your help.

      Thank you.
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          I'd probably try a few different things...

          First, if that is actually your statement copy-pasted, as you seem to be missing the word 'write' in the 'on error' clause? If it's not, please paste the actual syntax you are using. Obviously, I appreciate you are hiding the SQL credentials. I don't suppose your password has any special characters (like a single or double quote) in it that might be creating problems?

          Second, I'd try losing the quotes around your rules files. According to the TechRef '_' is an alphabetic character, so there should be no need to quote them (although the TechRef is wrong about MaxL quoting sometimes).

          Third, if that doesn't work, try using double quotes (and double-backslash in the error path) everywhere.

          I am assuming those load rules all actually exist on the Essbase server and in the database you are loading. I also wonder if you're doing this on a supported platform, because the error path suggests a personal laptop install. :)
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            Dose your application and database really called 'app' and 'db', if not, replace into your application and database?
            if the application and database you are sure, check if you have created the loadrule 'L_Lo_1','L_Lo_2','L_Lo_3','L_Lo_All'