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    ADF Fusion Web app using SOA Composite won't use user Hierarchy in myrealm

      Ok I have created a SOA Composite application that is the Vacation Request app. I have deployed it and it works correctly. It finds the creators manager and sends them the vacation request for human approval.

      I created a web project in the soa application and when I test it on the integrated server it also does what it is supposed to do, however I can not deploy this web project to a stand alone server.
      So I created an ADF fussion application, connected it to the SOA composite application and created a jsf page that is the interface for the SOA composite app.
      However when I enter a user in the creator field it will not use the user hierarchy I have setup in myrealm of the WLS. It just sends every workflow request to the workflow admin and it automatically gets, approved.

      This is not what I want to happen, I would like it to send the task to the manager of the user that was entered into the creator text field.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.