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    Reg: Time measures

    Bhargav K
      Hi Experts,

      i Had requirement pls help me...

      i have two prompts year and quarter.
      and 4 measures A,B,C,D..for current year and previos year
      here the req..

      Suppose when user selects 2012,Q2 then in that 4 measures data should be based on that quarter only, In the same report below that 4 measures
      again i need to display the 4 measures with Q3+Q4 data.

      can anyone one help me.pls
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          I didnt get your requirement clearly.Can you please explain it clear,someone can help you.

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            Bhargav K

            I have 2 prompts year and quarter

            in the report i have 4 measures measureA,B,C,D
            i kept that mearure labels in row level..
            A,B,C,D will come one by one...
            my req is..when user selects year as 2012 and quarter as Q2
            the respective 4 measures should display values relate to that quarter only..

            below that 4 measures again i need another 4 measures like above..
            but values should come for remaining two quarters..i.e Q3 and Q4.

            can any one help

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              You need a Quarter Number column in the prompt which shows values like 1 , 2 ,3 4 .

              Then you set presentation variables Pv_Year and Pv_Qtr using the prompts.

              Next you will create a union report as

              A B C D
              filter Year equal to Pv_Year and Quarter Number equal to Pv_Qtr


              A B C D
              Filter Year equal to Pv_Year and Quarter Number is greater than Pv_Qtr

              Hope this helps