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    SPARC T4-1 HDD's

      Hi - hoping someone can answer this very simple question. I'd like to purchase some more HDD's for our SPARC T4-1 servers, the part number on the current drives is 542-0287-01 and these are all Hitachi 600GB 10k SAS. Model No: HUC106060CSS600 - if I do a (Google) search for these several results come back and they all refer to these being EOL or refurbished items.

      Does anyone what is a suitable replacement / additional drive for this server - I've been in touch with our hardware provider and they also confirm that this drive is no longer available - so what drives are currently available for this server - it must be 600GB 10k SAS btw. I'm located in the UK if that makes a difference at all.

      Thanks - J.