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    composite components and order in the form


      We have a strange problem when mixing composite components with plain html/text in a form.
      When we do a form submit f.ex. with a commandLink then the page comes back where all composite components are placed at the end of the form.

           <mna:mandatoryLabel forField="office" value="Office" />
           <h:outputLabel value="blabla" id="blabla"/>
           <h:commandLink id="test" actionlistener="test" value="test"/>

      When you submit this form with the commandlink "test", then it comes back with the mandatoryLabel "Office" at the end of the form and no longer as the first field in the form.
      Pressing F5 put everything back as normal.

      Via ajax everything works fine and the composite component stays at the first place

      Can anyone help?
      Perhaps it has something to d with the time of rendering the different elements when comming back to the client.


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