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    Format mask for a Text field with number value, for .rtf.


      I am working on an .rtf file for an oracle report. I am stuck on one issue, which is one of the important criterias for the report.

      There is a field 'COST_CENTRE' that is a character datatype in the database having numeric values like '46554',79522','87666'(5 digits basically) etc. As such, there is no issue with the values except for this one, '00000' , which needs to be printed in the report(the report has the excel output) as it is . But all that is coming for this particular value('00000') is '0'(single digit) in the excel output. I suppose, the report is acting this way because the excel properties are masking the output in this way.

      Can you please provide me a passible solution for this query of mine, as soon as possible, as I am lagging on this perticular issue only.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Deepal Goel.