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    Email Attachments

      I want to send attachments in the email.
      Attachment contains plain text message which I want to fetch from one of the variable.
      I would appreciate some guidance for achieving this requirement.
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          Did you tried this.


          If you find any exception, come back and post the exception.

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            Hi Sumit:

            Maintain a string element in your schema say for example "AttachmentString" and pass the same in Email activity "Attachment" tab

            Sample Schema:



            This will get the data from the element "AttachmentString" and pass on the same as attachment to the mail.

            It is also important to pass on the right mime type. By default it will be "text/html;"

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              Ashutosh Singh
              Hi Sumit,
              Follow below steps,

              1: Add Email Activity
              2: Give Details Under "General"
              3: Goto Attachments
              4: There you will see three tabs

              Name,Mime Type,Value

              Name is the name which you want for the attachment file. Use extensions also like .txt etc
              MimeType you can give text/html; for plain texts
              Value is used for the content of the attachment. Use expresion builder to fetch your variable and give under this tab.

              Deploy and run. Attachments will start going through email.

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                Hi Ashutosh,
                Thank You. It is working.
                Can you tell me the process how I can attach Image in the attachment ?