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    Clarity around Enterprise Manager 12c


      can anyone explain the difference / similiarly between Grid Control and the new OEM 12c release. As far as I can see 12c is basically the same thing as Grid Control except that it also allows you to monitor systems deployed in a cloud service ( I believe you simply point the OEM agent to the cloud controller ) ?

      One thing Oracle support did tell me was that Grid Control 10g and 11g is no longer available for direct download. the reason given for this was because OEM is now licensable as a separate product. However I don't see how that would make a difference to the download ( after all most Oracle downloads require a license ! )

      I was also told that in OEM 12c, absolutely every service is now deployed as a plugin to OEM ( even Oracle databases ) - though OEM 12c comes pre-bundled with 4 plugins ( Database, Fusion Middleware, My Oracle Support, Exadata ).

      Any thoughts /discussion appreciated,
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          This topic seem to belong in the EM forum:
          Enterprise Manager

          I would probably agree to "basically the same thing". One big difference is that "Grid" got replaced by "Cloud".

          From a quick search I found this, which I had not seen before:

          Seems like base features still are included with "other" license. It even sounds as if features that required system, application server, etc. packs before, now is included in the base feature set.

          A lot of 10g downloads (and 11.1 also) are no longer available for download, since the products have reached end of support some time ago. Maybe if you have a support contract with Lifetime support clause you could try to request some pre-historic software.
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            Thanks, I will repost this to the EM forum.

            I expected the 10g products to be de-supported but I was a bit surprised that the 11g Grid Control was not available as well, given the prevalence of 11g technolgy still out there !

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              Do you have a specific reason for wishing to deploy EM 11g? We would recommend EM 12c Release 2 for any fresh deployments.