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    Exipry Delay and Filter Error

      I had set a <expiry-delay>10m</expiry-delay> on the cache. At the time of eviction if I run some query like

      select count() from LogCache in the CoHQL or from my client I am getting the error

      Wrapped: Failed request execution for LogService service on Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2012-12-04 11:02:48.097, Address=, MachineId=60192, Location=machine:pnl91a-0001,process:18408, Role=storage) (Wrapped: Failed to load key="193787") null) null

      Is there a Flag that I need to set to avoid the error.

      Please let me know its very critical as application flow is getting breaking?

      I am on Coherence

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          This looks like a bug fixed in 3.6 patch 3 and 4

          COH-3647: Fixed issue with queries returning invalid data while cache being updated concurrently
          COH-4732: Fixed a rare transient regression in aggregation logic introduced in patch 3 by the fix for COH-3647
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            I had done some more test it appears to have it in the cache having asynchronus write behind

                 NamedCache cache = CacheFactory.getCache("LogTable");
                           cache.put(getLogEntry().getMessage_id(), getLogEntry());
                           System.out.println(new Date() + " Entry::" +cache.entrySet(new AlwaysFilter()));

            It prints the following error (Wrapped: Failed request execution for LogServiceservice on Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2012-12-04 15:57:49.844, Address=, MachineId=527, Location=site:gbl.ad.hedani.net,machine:USD09024289,process:14784, Role=FidGlGlbTestSTPDaoTest) (Wrapped: Failed to load key="1234567") null)

            If I run the same code for the cache that doesnot have write behind enable it works out fine.

            current expiry-delay is 1m