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    PRINTER_FRIENDLY View and how to restrict number of rows

      Dear apex community,

      I am on the APEX 4.2 and OracleXE11g.
      I have created a page with the classic SQL report based on the table. The pagination style is "Row Ranges 1-15 16-30 (with set pagination)". Enable Partial Page Refresh: Yes.
      The table contains more than 1000 rows and the user can see on one report page only 30 and can navigate with pagination links.
      I have created for the user the PRINTER_FRIENDLY view of this page with "YES on the ninth place of the apex url. But now I have the following problem:
      - user navigates with pagination buttons and is actually on the page "31-60". The report shows him only 30 records.
      - user clicks on the link "PRINT" to call the printer friendly view of the page but the printer friendly page shows him not 30 records, but ALL (more than 1000) rows from the table.

      Is there any way to show on the printer friendly page only the records from the report?

      Best regards.