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    Enable PHP on web logic

      I am working on PS integration and need to run PHP on web server. We are on Web Logic 10.3 ( IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit) ). Can someone shed light how to install/enable PHP on web logic? Any help is appreciated.
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          You can use CGI on WebLogic (google for PHP on WebLogic for configuration details). I'm not sure if you want to do it this way though. Do you have a separate WebLogic license or are you just using WebLogic bundled with PeopleSoft? If no separate WebLogic license, then you might want to check into licensing before continuing that route. I'm pretty sure PeopleSoft's use of WebLogic is restricted use.

          Question: why do you need PHP to be running in the WebLogic instance? Is it just because it is a web server that is already running? There are alternatives. Nearly all PeopleSoft implementations reverse proxy (RPS) PeopleSoft through a load balancer or some other Apache httpd based server. You can quite easily configure PHP in httpd or nginx or some other well known RPS. If you don't have an RPS, then I would rather stand up a plain httpd than add something to the PeopleSoft WebLogic instance. Besides potential licensing concerns, there is the upgrade and maintenance issue. PeopleSoft delivers scripts to deploy WebLogic domains for PeopleSoft and will regenerate domains with little to no changes required. Once you start adding to the PS domain configuration, you have to re-apply those changes each time you regenerate a domain. It is much easier to just use an external, non PeopleSoft web server.
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