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    Hyperlink - Issue with parameter

      Hi all,

      I have an Endeca page that has a table and in one of the columns I've set to be Hyperlink sending as parameter the ID attribute as the following:


      In the EQL query, I have the definition WDD_DELIVERY_DETAIL_ID and I'm sure it is not null because I show it in the table along with the other values.

      In my JSP, I'm getting both parameters (paramId and pageCall) but only the pageCall, which is a fixed value, returns properly.

      String paramId = request.getParameter("paramId"); // Always returns NULL.
      String pageCall = request.getParameter("pageCall"); // Returns 'Lines' as this is the fixed value I set in the URL

      Is there anything wrong with the way I'm setting the dynamic parameter in the URL?

      Thanks and Regards,