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    Configuring CRL revocation with OAM and Portal 11g.

      I'm at a stopping point with Oracle Support, seems like I cannot find any quality help with that group and I'm hoping someone here can help.

      Since OAM is buggy and does not work with DISA's OCSP responder, I'm left to use CRL revocation with OAM.

      My setup:

      IDM server:
      WL 10.3.6
      OID 11g
      Solaris 10

      Portal Midtier:
      WL 10.3.6
      Portal 11g
      Solaris 10

      I have a 200meg or so CRL file which I cannot upload w/the web interface in OAM so I manually setup a script that creates amcrl.jar with the new CRLs when they come out.

      I went thru this doc to configure CRL in OAM:

      Is that all I need to do to get CRL configured and loaded in OAM? If so..read on..

      How do I get Portal to check CAC cards thru OAM w/the loaded CRLs? Where is the tie in, in Portal?

      Thanks in advance..