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    HIPAA 820 Validation issues

      We are using B2B for HIPAA 820 translation and validation.

      When we disable the validate option in B2B, 820 file got generated. This generated file does not have validation error when validated against ecs file in Document editor. But when we enable the validation, we are getting below error in B2B.

      State     MSG_ERROR

      Error Code     B2B-51507

      Error Text     Error Brief : Transaction Identifier Code and Functional Group Identifier Code mismatch.

      Error Description     Error : Value of element ST01 (Transaction Set Identifier Code) does not match to value of element GS01 (Functional Identifier Code). Expected value of GS01 is 'RA' for this transaction type. Segment ST is defined in the guideline at position 0100.{br}{br}This error was detected at:{br}{tab}Segment Count: 1{br}{tab}Element Count: 1{br}{tab}Character: 325 through 328

      We tried few options like - uploading ecs file for Interchange and Group segments. Still no luck. We also raised a SR 3-6487253571 and working with fine folks at Oracle. Meanwhile, if any of our forumers can help, its highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
          Can you post the payload here? Just cross-check and make sure that GS01 has value RA and ST01 has value 820.

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            Output Payload Generated if we disable the validation, it looks like it has correct values:

            ISA*00* *00* ZZ77045 ZZ77045 *121205*1333*U*00501*100000065*0*P*\~GS*RA*77045*77045*20121205*1333*1062*X*005010X218~ST*820*Element-3*005010X218~BPR*I*0*C*NON******Element-50******20121212~TRN*1*Element-127~N1*PE*name~N1*PR*name~SE*6*Element-3~GE*1*1062~IEA*1*100000065~

            Input Used:
            <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:tns="urn:oracle:integration:b2b:x12/5010/834">
            <tns:Transaction-820 Type="Transaction" ID="820" Name="Payment Order/Remittance Advice" XDataVersion="2.0" Standard="HIPAA" Version="V5010X218">

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              Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
              May I know exactly which version of B2B and Document Editor are you working with? Can you mail across your ecs file to my id (in my profile)?

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                We are using -
                Oracle 11g
                Document editor 7.0.5

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                  We highly recommend to install healthcare Add on OPatch #13357551 on top of SOA Suite 11g R1 ( aka PS5 as detailed in http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/healthcare/downloads/index.html

                  Please let us know if you hit the issue after this as well..

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                    We already have installed that healthcare OPatch#13357551.

                    Oracle SR team has raised a bug on this and we are waiting to hear back from them for the possible resolution.

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                      Hi There (974972),

                      Can you tell me how did you install koolkit for HIPPA in Health Care Integration? We also need to generate 834 and 820 documents with SOA for Health Care Integration.

                      Thank you,
                      Alena Li
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                        I assume you have installed doc editor. Under doceditor, you can find a folder called HIPAA(doceditor\Standards\HIPAA) which has HIPP standard exe. Install that exe and restart the doceditor, you will have access HIPAA standards now.

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                          Thank you, Kathar for your reply.

                          I am downloading Document Editor and plan to install. It is 3 big downloads takes time.

                          After that, I will follow your instruction.

                          Hope you have solved your 820 validaiton issues.

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                            Hi Kathar,

                            I have installed Oracle Document Editor 7.0.5. And I can generate HIPPA 5020 834 ecs and xsd files.

                            But I still have a question about SOA health care integration. After install patch 13357551, I imported HL7 document type, but I have no where to import HIPPA document type. So that I can't work with HIPPA message in SOA Suite.

                            open http://<myhost>:<myport>/healthcare, Designer -> Configuration, expand Document Protocol, I can see Custom and HL7. There is no HIPPA document protocol.

                            Have you worked with this feature of SOA SUITE for Health Care Integration?

                            Thank you very much fro your help,

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                              1. You can create HIPAA document types under EDI-X12.
                              2. We are still waiting for the resolution from Oracle on the validation issues.

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                                Received work around from Oracle to resolve this;Passing Group Id in the input xml is resolved this issue.

                                <tns:Data-Structure Name="Interchange">
                                <tns:Data-Structure Name="Group">
                                <tns:Property Name="GroupID">RA</tns:Property>
                                <tns:Data-Structure Name="Transaction" />
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                                  Thanks Kathar! We have the same issue for 834 and got resolved with the above workaround. Thanks, Raghava