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    VM Server Install Failure - CD Device Driver


      While installing my bootable VMServer CD on a ASUS CM1831 Win 7 64 bit machine, I get the following error message: "Unable to find any devices fo the type needed for this installation type".

      The available selected device drivers do not work either. It appears to be a CD driver issue.
      (Note: This same CD successfully installs on a HP Laptop win 7 64 bit machine).

      Any suggestions/work-arounds would be appreciated.

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          I used to see this error message, if you use high version of Oracle VM like Oracle VM Server 3.x with old ASUS hardware is cannot. If you are using old ASUS hardware with low version of Oracle VM like Oracle VM Server 2.x is working fine.

          My experience: I used to install Oracle VM 3.1.1 with ASUS has CPU (DualCore or Core2Do) is can be installed and then I try Oracle VM Server 3.1.1 with ASUS has CPU Corei3 or Corei5 is working fine. About ASUS has CPU (DualCore or Core2Do), when I try install Oracle VM 2.2.2 on it is working fine.

          Note: I use to try with direct CD and I don't try with installation through network or other method yet.

          Don't forget before you install, you should check in BIOS must enable drive of CDROM.

          Good luck,
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            Thank you for your input. I have spent considerable time with this and I was always suspicious of the hardware for the following reasons:

            This dvd installs properly on a HP Laptop with no issues.
            This is a new ASUS (CM1831 - 6 core)

            After much effort I decided to do the ftp install.

            I have verified that my ASUS WIN 7 64 can anonymously log in to my OL6 Linux box and access the CD files copied there
            (eg using vsftpd /pub/vm311 directory I added in the anonymous directory) via a ftp command line on the WIN 7 64 box.

            I see all the files when I am on the command line. However when I choose this method in the CD setup
            and enter the ftp IP address and directory in the 2 fields - the returns to the same screen a couple of minutes later (with no error message - just a blinking cursor at the end of the FTP Server name/IP field - I tried this numerous times with the correct anonymous public directories being used.

            There is no error message - just returns to the same FTP Server/directory screen with the cursor flashing at the end of the line.

            If there was an error log I could check this would be helpful (I wonder if I used a READ/WRITE DVd would this install program write/log anything to the DVD).

            Any different ideas/work- arounds would be appreciated. Thanks again for your input.

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