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    FDM ability to split or allocate based on custom dimension

      This is a little complex to explain, but I have a requirement for every row coming through on a flat file, to check the value of the UD4 dimension, and if it has certain values, it needs to allocate or split that row into multiple rows. So, for Example:

      Row 1:
      Entity = "HFMEntity1", Account = "Travel", UD4 = "Brazil, Value = "10,000"

      Row 2:
      Entity = "HFMEntity1", Account = "Travel", UD4 = "LASouth", Value = "10,000"

      Row 1, I do not want to touch.

      Row 2, I need to split that into the # of members below that top member (LASouth), and a percentage, so for example, under LASouth:

      Brazil - 40%
      Chile - 40%
      Argentina - 20%

      So, in the end, I need it to look like this:
      Entity = "HFMEntity1", Account = "Travel", UD4 = "Brazil", Value = "4,000"
      Entity = "HFMEntity1", Account = "Travel", UD4 = "Chile", Value = "4,000"
      Entity = "HFMEntity1", Account = "Travel", UD4 = "Argentina", Value = "2,000"

      Presuming this is even possible in FDM, keeping in mind this is not accounts ( I need to do this for all accounts), but in C4; where would this be done? Where would the relationships of what members roll up under those parent members be stored, and where would then the percentages be stored? I looked at Logic groups, but that appears to really only work for accounts. I realize I can do this in the target system (HFM), but would prefer to keep this data in FDM if possible.