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    Unable to uninstall Windows 7 on Java XP

      I am trying to uninstall Java 7 Update 6 on Windows XP and I get a message about the feature I am trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable after a new install of XP from the MSDN Platinum download service. How is a consumer supposed to deal with this. Reinstall Windows, File a technical support call with MSFT. There is no help with this exact error message on the Oracle web sites, why? Everytime there is an error with a MSFT product you can find something from the source MSFT. If you do a search with google there is no presence from Oracle.


      Your uninstall path only deals with happy path.

      Given today's economic conditions is it really expected that windows users stop using XP and upgrade because these type of issues are not going to be resolved. The error message that comes up should contain pointers to what a user should do next instead of the outdated and cavalier process of saying error, go figure it out for consumer desktops.

      Hoping you make it better and address the numerous places with the install process where consumers could be guided and assisted with resolution of the issue. This forum doesn't allow image uploads, I had no idea disk drives cost so much money and that it was so hard for IT to check for viruses with uploaded images.