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    Workflow AME issue

      Hi All,

      I have enabled AME for lease approval workflow (Property Manager Responsibility), but it is not working properly.
      After getting approved from the first approval workflow completes, but as per the AME rule it should be sent to the next approver since when i checked from AME test workbench this workflow had 2 approver.
      Can you please let me know what could be the issue.
      Have given workflow item key has static and hardcoded the value as workflow item type, not sure problem is because of this.


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          Alejandro Sosa-Oracle

          What is the problem? Is it that the second approver is not getting the notification or that the second approver is skipped and the notification is reaching the 3rd approver? Please be specific and provide details of what steps/coding (if any) you have done.


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            Hi Alejandro,

            Thanks for the reply.
            Issue is workflow completes when the first approver is approved and lease changed to Approved status, i think in the standard workflow package multiple approver concept is not added.
            Can you please help how this can be handled and also do we need to change workflow to handle this.

            Its a standard lease approval workflow (prorperty manager) no customization has been done, we have enabled AME to add multiple approvers.