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    Returning id into :variable not working in Managed but OK in wrapped.

      Hi guys... this query works ok in oracle.dataAccess but not in Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.
      Connector does not raise an error. It just stalls.
                  Dim PKRetrieveCommand As New OracleCommand : PKRetrieveCommand.Connection = JobConnection
                      PKRetrieveCommand.CommandText = " INSERT INTO TMP_SEQ (FIELD1) VALUES (DBOID_SEQ.NEXTVAL) RETURNING FIELD1 INTO :dboid"
                      PKRetrieveCommand.Parameters.Add("dboid", OracleDbType.Decimal, ParameterDirection.Output)

                  PKRetrieveCommand.ArrayBindCount = allInserts.Length
      TMP_SEQ Is a temporary table that deletes rows on commit, Field1 is a numeric type and DBOID_SEQ. is a sequence.
      Thank you very much. Please advise on work-around.

      Thank y'all.