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    How to show to Extended attribute value in Find User Result Form

      I have created one extended attribute named alias1 in sun idm by adding <IDMAttributeConfiguration name='alias1' syntax='STRING'/>
      and <IDMObjectClassAttributeConfiguration name='alias1' queryable='true' summary='true'/>
      in IDM Schema Configuration file. So, the extended attribute is created successfully.
      Now I need to search user in basis of this attribute(alias1). For that I have added
      <defun name='getSearchableAttrs'> and <defun name='getResultColumns'> in User Search default (user form).
      <list> <list>
      <s>alias1</s> <s>alias1</s>
      <s>Alias1</s> <s>Alias1</s>
      . .
      . .
      . .
      </list> </list>
      </defun> </defun>
      Now i can able to search user by alias1 value. But The problem is the alias1 value of those user are not reflecting in Find Result Search Form.
      Please help me out. Thanks in advance