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    Calculating Expiry Date from Manufacturing Date

      Hi Gurus,

      I have requirement wherein we need to Calculate the Expiry Date with Caculation as 'Manufacturing Date + Shelf Life Days'. We need to do this on
      Receiving Transactions--> Lot Entry Form. We have now enabled a DFF 'Maintain Lot Numbers' and attribute1 on Lot Entry form for the User to Enter the \
      Manufacturing Date.

      The Issue here is After the User Opens the Lot Entry form and enters the Lot number, the Expiration Date should be Grayed out. And the user should continue to only Enter the Manufacturing Date. Also the Expiry Date now calculated should be displayed in the Expiration Date Field. We tried to gray out the Expiration Date Field through form personalization but it doesn't seem to work. Is there some standard feature of the Lot Entry Form? Also we are not able to display the calculated value in
      Expiration Date Field using form personalization.

      Kindly Suggest If there is any other approach to be used and how to go about it.

      Thanks In Advance.