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    in-context editing and check-in profile

      I am using content presenter to show content from UCM. Content is site studio content and I able to show it. When I hit Ctrl+Shift+C, it goes in edit mode. If I click on new icon, it shows a new window to create new content. The url generated is like https://<server-name>/cs/resources/wcm/custom/sitestudio/contentwizard/webcenter/contentwizard.hcsp?dDocType=Document&dSecurityGroup=Public&cpRegDef=NEWS_REG_DEF&cpIframe=true

      If I click on next, it shows me metadata. I want to reduce field in this metadata page.

      I created a check-in profile in UCM. Its triggering attribute is xIdcProfile. The problem is how to set xIdcProfile when we click on new button of content presenter.

      I tried appending xIdcProfile=<ProfileValue> in url but still its not able to set profile.

      Any suggestion?

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          If Content Repository is used just for WebCenter Portal app/Spaces, you could use a different trigger - something like Space's name or folder name where your docs are stored.

          I'd also try if by chance setting the idcProfile does not work when set on the folder level (and inherited).

          The last option I see is to edit the contentwizard.hcsp file so that it takes the profile into account (you may hardcode it, or provide the parameter as you tried - appending xIdcProfile=<ProfileValue>, but the file itself might have to be modified too).
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            Jaap Spiering
            Hi Sanjeev,

            first of all, make sure you post your question in the WebCenter Portal or WebCenter Content forum. WebLogic Portal is a different product.

            The problem with the page you are seeing is that is is a predefined page with a predefined set of parameters. You can't just add more parameters to add it to enable your profile trigger.

            The contentwizard.hcsp file is part of the WebCenterConfigure component that is installed in your WebCenter Content server. You can look it up on the file system and as Jiri suggests, you can create a custom component which publishes a new version of the file (thus overriding the default behaviour), but beware this may not be a future proof solution.
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              Oh. I am sorry to post question in wrong forum. By mistake I read it WebCenter Portal. For this question continuing in this thread only.

              We are not using spaces so I believe I can't use spaces as triggering field. Folder is also not available in triggering field list as we can only use those fields as triggering field, which have a list associated with them.
              I am planning to make dDocType as my triggering field. I just want to know is it good choice or I should consider some other field. The impact of selecting dDocType as triggering field could be that if I want a new form for some other content, I would be required to create new content-type value.

              Any suggestion?

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                Jaap Spiering
                Using dDocType as the triggering field is typically not a good choice.

                You are free to use any custom metadata field as your profile trigger (and customize a contentwizard.hcsp accordingly). We typically use a "subType" field which depends on the docType so you can have several document types and sub types, each with their own subset of metadata fields.