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    Logic Variations - Import to v7.4 from Export of v8.2

      Pro's... I believe there are serious backward compatability issues between PPM v8.2 and PPM v7.4.

      When importing (in this case to v7.4) an.xer (as an Update Existing Project) from a newer version (in this case v8.2), all date, duration, percent, float data is updated as it should be. However, the Logic; specifically, Logic revisions do not import correctly.

      i.e. Relationship Types are incorrectly updated... existing relationships are not 'removed', and the new relationship is merely added as an additional relationship. We end up with two relationships with identical Pred/Succ... one may be SS, and the new entry may be FS.

      Has anyone else noticed this discrepency? And is their really a 'backward' compatability issue from v8.2 to v7.x?

      Come on Pro's, let's hear from you... thx... T