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    SOA and B2B Domains


      You told me before in an other thread that i'm able to logically saparate B2B from SOA creating two domains in same installation.

      1 - Hosting B2B
      2 - Hosting OSB + SOA Suite

      So in this scenario I must have 2 Admin Servers one for each domain, isn't it ? Is possible to have just one Admin Server Admin managin both domains in order to have a central point of managment?! If it is possible to have just one Admin Server and as we have 2 domains. How will it know where to migrate to in case of failure !? If the Admin Server migrates to a machine in other domain, isn't it generate problems in the second domain? How will one domain knows about admin server in this case if it was migrated to a machine out of the its own scope ? I was thinking about it and I end up with these questions.

      Did you get what I mean?

      Thanks in advance.



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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle

          There is a one-to-one relationship between admin server and domain. So one domian can have only one admin server and one admin server can belong to only one domian. So answer of your question is that there will be one admin server for each domain, you create.