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    Contains (String function) is not working in switch condition .

      Hi All ,
      I have a interface in which there are two projects.
      1 notification interface
      2 DFW interface .

      Project 1 Has Mediator in it where I am checking a Filter condition on DESTINATION PARTNER ID as below
      as you all know this is the string function(containd) I have used.

      But there is a problem I am facing , when i use the same condition in DFW INTERFACE in all the switch conditions i have used .
      So now the problem is in switch condition used in BPEL of DFW INTERFACE.
      I have a asign statement after this condition,and i am getting assign pending so flow is faulting.

      please help me in this regard or give me any suggestions for fixing this .

      BPEL VERSION 1.1