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    query not working with oracle 6i forms


      i am trying to fetch data through CURSOR in orcle 6i forms.
      i am using follwing query given below
      cursor c1 is
      SELECT EXTRACT("YEAR FROM dateofmtrl") yr
           , SUM(CASE mtrl_flag WHEN 'P' THEN rm1 ELSE -rm1 END) AS opc 
           , SUM(CASE mtrl_flag WHEN 'P' THEN rm2 ELSE -rm2 END) AS ppc, 0 AS clinker
      FROM rawmtrl_graph
      GROUP BY EXTRACT(YEAR FROM dateofmtrl)
      order by EXTRACT(YEAR FROM dateofmtrl);
      But it is giving errors............

      Please tell me how to overcome these errors

      thanks in advance for any help....

      With Regards
      Vishal Agrawal