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    Epert suggestion required - Master scheduler loadbalancing issue

      Hi All,

      I have 8 batch process/scheduler servers and one(PSNT) is configured as a master scheduler.

      under "Peopletools->Process scheduler-> Servers" I have selected "Application Engine" type process with HIGH priority at max of 5 on each server - except master scheduler.

      Now as per the above configuration if only Appengine process are initiated in application then max of 35 process should run actively(7 batch servers/schedulers).

      But currently, we have initiated 10 "Application Engine" process only one is processing in one server and remaining are getting queued.

      Please help me - how can I configure the master scheduler to pickup all the 10 process requests and process the same.

      Apologies if my query is confusing you.

      Thanks in advance.


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