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    OSB Business Service jms target

      Dear all,

      I have a business service in OSB, accepting messages, and putting them in a jms queue in j2ee.
      My question is, if it is possible somehow to declare as Endpoint URI the cluster address, so that the messages are balanced between the jms servers deployed in each j2ee managed server. If I set the cluster address, which is the comma separated addresses of the members, the messages all end up to the jms server of the first address declared in the endpoint URI.

      The JMS connection factory accepting the messages from OSB has default targeting and is targeted to the J2EE cluster.
      The endpoint URI of the business service when set to the cluster address looks like so:

      We also use an external load balancer IP, which does not work as expected. At times messages are processed only by one consumer and at times the balancing works properly. This is why we are looking for alternatives.

      Environment is 10.3.6. OSB and J2EE cluster have two managed servers each.

      Thank you

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