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    Export file with member alias


      I am exporting the data via DataExport command. I need the export file to contain the alias
      of the members from all dimensions along with the exported data.
      Currently the file contains the members names.

      Is it possible what I need?

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          I don't think you can export aliases using a Dataexport command. You can consider following as an alternative:

          1. Export the Alias table using the following:
          query database 'Sample'.'Basic' list alias_names in alias_table 'default';

          2. Write a report script that outputs all the members (either all or level zero). With a report script you can use OUTALTNAMES to output alias names and OUTALTSELECT to specify which alias table you want to use.

          Hope it helps...

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            KosuruS is correct, you can't export alias names using data export and he gave you an alternative. two other ways to achieve this
            1. Use report scripts to create your export
            2. Instead of Dataexport use the CDF (Java custom defined function) JExport. It is available many place and allows exporting Aliases
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              Hi Glenn,

              How to export Aliases using JExport ? I checked the function parameters and do not see where we can specify an alias table.

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                in Jexport, you specify a list of member names you want to export, for example in their sample calc script
                you see ,@List(@NAME(@currmbr(Market)),@NAME(@currmbr(Product)),@NAME(@currmbr(measures)),@NAME(@currmbr(year)))
                you can change the @name to @alias like

                Of course you could also mix member names and aliases