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    Custom Checkin Page Enabled with Profile rules


      We are using a custom check-in page that is enabled with profile rules depending upon dpTriggerValue and dpTriggerLabel. The rule's associated fields show up if we include <$include std_document_checkin_fields$> in the htm page.

      I noticed one problem in using <$include std_document_checkin_fields$> . When I include this the content checkin is not taking place.

      My HTMLDocumentrule has a dDocName (Content ID) field but the field is rendered incorrectly in the custom checkin page.

      It shows as Content ID followed by Blank.

      I try to enter the dDocName behind the scene like this :

      input type="text" name="dDocName" size=35 maxlength=30

      But i keep getting error on checkin ;

      Content item 'sfdsfdsfdsf' was not successfully checked in. The content item is no longer in the system.

      Any idea why this may be happening ?

      ------------- CUSTOM CHECK IN PAGE --------------------------------------------------------

      <$dpTriggerValue="HTML Document"$>
      <$dpDisplayLabel="HTML Document"$>
      <$defaultPageTitle="Bpel Checkin Form"$>
      <$include std_checkin_html_head_declarations$>

      <$include checkin_body_def$>
      <$include std_page_begin$>
      Bpel Checkin Form

      This is an example of an Bpel checkin form.

      <form name="Checkin" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="<$HttpCgiPath$>">

      <!-- prefilled default values... you can place other default
      values here for metadata such as 'dDocType' and 'dSecurityGroup'
      to make specialized contribution paes -->
      <input type=hidden name="IdcService" value="CHECKIN_NEW">
      <input type=hidden name=idcToken value="<$ idcToken $>">
      <input type=hidden name="IsAutoNumber" value="1">
      <input type=hidden name="AutoNumberPrefix" value="STN_">
      <table class="idcFormTable">

      <$include std_document_checkin_fields$>
      <td>Content ID</td>
      <td><input type="text" name="dDocName" size=35 maxlength=30

      <td align=center colspan=2>
      <input type=submit name=submit value="Check In ">
      <input type=reset name=reset value=" Reset ">



      <$include std_page_end$>