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    Create an interface between Oracle and Sql Server

      hi. I am working on oracle and pl/sql since some time. so just a novice. I don't know much about sql server or transact sql, etc..I have a requirement to create an interface between Oracle and sql server.

      we have a database on oracle and another on sql server. my requirement is to create an interface between oracle and sql server and see how can I update one (or more) tables (I am guessing using pl/sql) on sql server.

      Since, I do not know anything on these lines, I would appreciate if somebody can explain in great detail or point me to links where I can get the answers.

      Again, thank you guys for taking time to read this and helping me out.
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          I assume that your Oracle database should be the driving site that pushes and pulls the data from/to the SQL Server.
          Here Oracle offers 2 different products, a Database Gateway for ODBC and a Database Gateway for MS SQl Server which both give you the opportunity to define a database link to a MS SQL Server and to integrate it into the Oracle database.

          More details can be found on the My Oracle Support portal (support.oracle.com), then check out the Gateway Master Note:
          Master Note for Oracle Gateway Products (Doc ID 1083703.1)

          The note contains links to other content which gives you an overview about the options you have to connect to a foreign database:
          Document 233876.1 Options for Connecting to Foreign Data Stores and Non-Oracle Databases - For example - DB2, SQL*Server, Sybase, Informix, Teradata, MySQL

          and it also explains the functional and licensing differences of the Database Gateway for ODBC and the other gateways:
          Document 252364.1 Functional Differences Between Generic Connectivity and Database Gateways
          Document 232482.1 Gateway and Generic Connectivity Licensing Considerations

          Once you decided which gateway you want to use you can also find the configuration notes linked to the Gateway Master Note.

          - Klaus
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            This was exactly what I was expecting. thank you very much klaus.