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    Navigate to BI content. Report in different Subject Areas

      I have a requirement where I have to navigate to a detailed level report when I click on the column. When I place the reports in the same subject area it works absolutely fine. But according to the requirement the reports cannot be in the same subject area. So when I click on the column, all the filters on the dashboard prompts pass through the main report in SubArea1 to Detail Report in SubARea2 but the attribute value that clicked on does not pass through as a filter. I see all teh records at a detailed level and not just that attribute's records.

      We are trying to implement 'Navigate to BI content' Action link from one report to another.
      Both these reports are not in the same subject area (Presentation layer) though. How can be make OBIEE pass the appropriate filters to show only the needed subset of data in the second report.

      This is needed for our CL, PL and Agency details report. The dashboard is from one subject area, the detail report is from another subject area. We now want to pass what the user clicked in one to the other. Please note that the dashboard prompts would get passed correctly. It is only the 'attribute' on the left side that would not.