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    Design Center - which repository schema?

      Hi Everyone

      A silly question, perhaps, but how do I tell which repository I am in from within Design Center itself?

      Also, is it possible to change the colour scheme depending on which repository I am in and/or add the repository name to the banner at the top?

      A colleague mentioned this was possible but I haven't been able to find any information regarding this. I've gone through Tools > Preferences but I couldn't see anything.


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          David Allan-Oracle
          If you hover over the connected credentials along the bottom of the designer, the active workspace is shown in the tooltip.
          If you go to Help -> Session properties you can see the workspace connected to.

          I have seen some customers create a special named project as a way for them to easily identify if it is their DEV or QA or PROD warehouse, so they will have a dummy DEV_PROJECT in their dev repository, QA_PROJECT in their QA project and PROD_PROJECT in their production.

          You can change colors of the client but it is not saved per workspace.
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            Many thanks, Dave. Creating a dummy project explains why there is another unused project in our Production environment.

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