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    Projects API in R12 unable to Populate Attributes in PA_TASKS TABLES

      Hi All,

      We are currently upgrading the from 11i to R12. We are in the process of testing.
      I am using APPS.PA_PROJECT_PUB API ( $Header: PAPMPRPS.pls 120.24.12010000.13 2010/01/20 11:10:15 rthumma ship $ */).
      I am using Create_projects and for project creation and for task creation i am using add_task.

      We are populating attribute1, attribute2 and attribute3 colums in pa_task table, with out any modification of the code i am able to create the projects and the tasks are getting created, but the attribute colums are not getting populated?.

      Any ideas, please?.

      Thank You and Regards,