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      I'm trying to copy and also move files from folder to folder in the file browser. I continue to receive the I don't have permission to do that message. I can do it in terminal when I use the sudo -s command, but I want to do it in the regular file browser user interface so I can just drag and drop. Also, the user manager says the role root isn't available to me, so why do I still not have permission? This is my personal computer and I never want to see a permission problem again. How do I fix this? Thanks J
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          My advice to you is to learn to obey the permissions. You could log on your computer as root all day but that is always a bad idea. Permissions are put in-place for a purpose. Learn to use the proper command-line methods to manipulate your data.
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            if those are your personal files in those folders, you may want to look up the chown command

            you'll want to run something like this

            sudo chown -r yourusername /youfolderpath

            as long as you own your files, you'll have access to move them wherever you want

            don't start running that on system files though, you'll probably break the system. sudo is there for a reason, I'd recommend you read up on it if your not familiar

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