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    Database and Listener not being discovered by EM12cR2

    Indy Sandhu-Oracle

      I have installed EM12cR2 on Linux and have the OMS host being monitored as a target, along with 20 other targets on the same server. I now wish to get an EBS instance showing as a target so I have been following the [EBS Management Pack Guide|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e28715/T508706T588991.htm] on how to do this and in summary, what I have done so far is:

      1. Successfully installed the agent on the new Linux host where EBS resides.
      2. Deployed the EBS plugin on the OMS and ensured that the EBS, RDBMS and FMW plugins are deployed on the agent in 1. above.

      The result is that I can see the new host and the agent installed on it showing as targets, but it hasn't detected the database running on the host. Until I can get it to discover the EBS Vision database I can't get any further in discovering the rest of EBS.

      So I then tried to Add the Target Manually using "Add Non-Host Targets Using Guided Process (Also Adds Related Targets)", but when I specify the host and let it auto-discover, it still fails to find the database. There is one other option "Add Non-Host Targets by Specifying Target Monitoring Properties" that allows me me to be more specific about the location of the database and provide connection details etc, but I haven't managed to try that yet as I don't have the values of all the fields so I'll need to go and find them out.

      I was just wondering if I was missing something major here in why it can't auto-detect the database and listener on the new host?

      Many thanks.