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    Form Personalization for assignment costing screen in Oracle EBS HRMS


      I have a requirement on form personalization which actually seems to be simple. I have worked on form personalizations for some time and so I tried different ways to achieve the requirement but not of much help so posting it in this forum.

      In HRMS, in the employee's assignment ,there is costing section on the OTHERS Tab. In that form multiple record line could be created. In each record there is a column which indicates proportion so for 1st record it would may be 100, for 2nd it may be 50. I need to throw a message once the total is greater than 100. Here column level sum is 150 so it need to throw error message.

      Definitely when validate record will not work here as this checking will then be done based upon record and not on multiple record sum. I am trying presently some approaches with when new record instance. If I am somehow able to do it, will post it here.

      If anyone of you have any solution to this, please do let me know as this is little critical to project.