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    Cannot find a J2SE SDK installed at path...

      I posted this in the SQL-Deveolper forum, but perhaps it is better posted here, since it is a Java issue.

      I found a thread for this same problem from 2007, but did not find an answer for it.

      I'm installing sql-developer on a Windows7 machine 64bit. When I go to run the exe, I get the popup:
      "Cannot find a J2SE SDK installed at path: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7."
      I've downloaded and installed a couple of jdk's to fix this:


      These did not work.

      Can anyone tell me what I need to download to get this to work and where I can find it?

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          I realized we have another wiindows machine that runs sql-developer just fine. I copied the jdk-6u25-windows-x64.exe from that machine and installed on the newer one. The install complained that a new version of java was already installed. But, the older version works where the newer one did not - does not.

          So I'm good. But it would be nice to know why the new versions do not include all the foo that seems to make sql-developer work.