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    "Invoice tax code different from PO tax code" Not being applied.

    Vishwamber Shetty-Oracle
      Hi ,

      I have a scenario here. I received a ticket stating few invoice's though eligible for "Invoice tax code different from PO tax code" hold, but having it.

      Like eg..


      PO                          : 12345
      PO TAX CODE          : HST

      INVOICE                 : VSS-1 (Invoice created by matching to the above PO)
      INVOICE TAX CODE : NO TAX (A customized tax code which doesn't apply any tax and not equivalent to keeping the tax code null)

      From back end in ap_invoice_distributions_all the column TAX_CODE_OVERRIDE_FLAG is "Y" for all item lines.


      The part between the doted lines is the exact scenario of all those invoices with this issue.

      So to replicate it even i tried to create a PO then created an INVOICE and matched it to the same PO then in INVOICE DISTRIBUTIONS I changed the tax code to *"NO TAX"* and validated the invoice.

      And here i have one hold Invoice tax code different from PO tax code

      Now I again created another PO and matched it against another INVOICE and in DISTRIBUTIONS I removed the tax code and kept it null and validated the invoice.

      The INVOICE got validated.

      Sounds wearied but true.

      Please help me out.

      Thanks in advance,

      Vishwamber Shetty