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    OIM 11gR1: Determine why a task fired...


      I have an intesting issue I was hoping I might get help with.

      I have users provisioned to an iPlanet LDAP repository. There are about 500 users.

      Randomly it seems, users will be removed from groups in iPlanet. If I open the resource history for iPlanet user, I see several "remove user from group" tasks. The tasks are listed as assigned to/by OIMINTERNAL.

      I cannot see an access policy assigned to these groups. I cannot see any post process adapters that would modify child form data.

      How can I tell what process is causing these "remove user from group" task to fire? Is there traceability in the sch, mil, osi, oti tables? Where can I find a root cause for these tasks firing?

      Would there be traceability in the SOA server Asti why certain tasks were assigned to OIMINTERNAL?

      Thank you.