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    Active directory user target reconciliation is not working in OIM11gR2

      Hi Experts,

      While doing the AD user target reconciliation we are getting the below message in Event Id status:

      Event ID     80704
      Current Status     Creation Failed
      Entity     Account
      Type     Changelog
      Key Fields     14130
      Action Date     Action Date not specified

      Date and Time     December 5, 2012 8:23:58 PM PST
      Job ID     33599
      Resource Name     AD User
      Profile Name     AD User
      Linked To
      Linked User     : XXXXX-XXX
      Linked Account ID     
      Account Description     

      Linked By          
      Notes     Oracle Error - 1722 ORA-01722: invalid number

      Do u have any idea? Why this error occurred? There is nothing in the log file.