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    Grid Layout - Getting two or more fields to display on the same line/row.

      I am using version 4.2.

      I have a form with a number of items.

      I wish to control the display of the items so that some fields are beside each other (on the same line or row).

      I have set the grid layout as follows:

      Start New Row: Yes     
      Column: Automatic               
      Column Span: Automatic     

      Start New Row: No     
      Column: Automatic     
      New Column: Yes          
      Column Span: Automatic     

      When I do this the items are not displayed on the same row.

      I can see when you change the "Start New Row" from No to Yes, the item fields ARE moved into the same <Div> that controls the row, but they just aren't displaying how I would like them.

      Has anyone got this working?