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    Cancel Payment using XAI Inbound Service (CC&B)

      Hi All,

      Do you have any idea how to cancel payment using XAI in CC&B?
      Now Im using xai Inbound service (SSvcPaymentEventMaintenance) to do cancellation process, but it just affects for the payment status only, meaning payment and payment tender status become cancel but the payment amount for the related bill is still not deducted. The bill is still in status "Fully Matched". Seems the financial transaction for payment cancellation is not created. Any idea about this ?

      Thank you,
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          You must use a Business Service to perform such actions, although there is no such default available even in the Demo data, follow below steps (assuming you are on CC&B 2.2.x or higher):

          - Create/Configure a Business Service using Service Program 'CILPTNDP - Cancel Payment Tender'.
          - Create/Configure a SS with following steps (SS Schema would contain the Payment Event Id):
          1. Invoke/read Payment Event and retrieve the PAY_TENDER_ID
          2. Invoke Business Service created above for each PAY_TENDER_ID by providing the Cancel Reason Code.
          - Expose above created SS as an XAI Inbound Service.