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    ADF-BPM integration problem.

    Alluri Sitharamaraju

      1.I have a small scenario like integrate oracle ADF screen with Oracle BPM Human Task. we didn't use auto generate task form(we are using one adf application which is already developed in Oracle Adf technology).

      2.Those adf screen is populated in BPm work space using url of ADF screen placed in em console.It's fine,it will populated in work space.

      3.But my problem is we can click on the buttons approve or reject on populated adf screen then only human task will modify the running state to completed state.
      Any one have the idea on my requirement Please give the reply.


      Is there any other option can u please post the solution.

      1. My actual scenario is integrate oracle adf Screen with Oracle BPM humantask.(already devloped. note not an auto generate adf application).

      2.That screen Would be populated in BPM work space.So user login to BPM Work space And click on the tabs Reserved or cancel on populated adf screen.

      3.Then only the human will be the state like running to completed state.

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