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    Operating unit_OM

      Hi Gurus,

      Normally OU A will move the stock to OU B for exports where OU B will raise the PO to buy material from OU A and send to customers directly & OU will raise Invoice to ST for the payments.
      There is no other transaction taking place between OU A to OU B, for name sake they have created two Operating units, moving from one to another and sending products to customer from OU A itself.

      I have advised the client as below:

      Create one sub Inventory for OU B instead of creating separate OU.
      Move the items to respective sub inventory
      Create a Customer as OU B in system, whenever OU B request purchasing order to OU A, ship the items from this sub inventory & customer location, raise Invoice on OU B.
      My question is if I follow above scenario how to restrict picking rule OU B customer should allocate products for respective sub-inventory
      As per Customer definition form, transaction type, we can assign only Organization to pick the product, not finding Subinventory option.

      Can you please advise, how to achieve this requirement in Application instead of creating Two operating unit, this is very complex, lot of maintenance.