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      the request is forwarded, the service routine returns to the communication manager dispatcher and the server is free to do other work.

      Domain A: client service
      Domain B: service X
      Domain B: service B1
      Domain B: service B2

      In domain A, it define the link to domain B.
      First, "client service" tpcall service X,service X forward message to service B1, service B1 was not tpreturn,service B1 is running.
      Second, "client service" tpcall service X, but service X can not forward message to other service

      it is service X busy?
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          Not sure what the exact question is about but ......

          1) If the service B1 is not answering (with a tpreturn), the calling client will receive a TPETIME indicating a timeout. - (Unless the service call from the client has set the no-time outflag - In that case the service call never ends)

          2) If the Service B fails in forwarding to B1 - The B service it self continues - ideally the B service should return an error when forwarding to B1 fails. But that depends on actual code around (after) the tpforward call.